Why video should be part of your content marketing

It was recently announced that people now engage with video more than any other form of content.

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Besides being a quick and easy way to engage with your target audience, video also helps with things like SEO; businesses can introduce themselves to new prospects just by providing the type of content consumers are searching for.

Video marketing is currently seen as the ‘cutting-edge’ form of content marketing. In a world where consumers tend to have an on-the-go lifestyle, video gives them the flexibility to engage with the content they want to see when they want to see it.

It really all comes down to grabbing attention. It’s quite staggering that by using video in your content, audiences are ten times more likely to engage with that content piece (like, comment, share, embed etc.).

Social media has taken a giant leap towards video interaction, too — just look at Instagram’s launch of IGTV. With things like that and YouTube, it seems anyone can have their own TV channel nowadays.

The big clincher for businesses to use video is the fact that 71% of marketers say that their conversions through video outperform all other platforms. Isn’t that incredible?

Here are our top four tips on getting started with video marketing:

  1. Lose the “it’ll do” mentality: If your video content is mediocre, your value and ROI will be mediocre too. Plan your video scripts, make them brand-friendly, and make sure the video adds value to those who are watching. If that means it takes a little more time to produce, then take a little more time — otherwise, you risk being lost in the sea of subpar videos.
  2. Think about your audience: Think about who you’re targeting with the video and style it in a way that’s going to resonate with that audience.
  3. Quality over quantity: Don’t start posting 40 videos per week and hoping for good results. You’re only going to annoy your audience. Think about adding videos to existing content pieces (blogs mainly) that have done well and republish them. It gives you a reason to reinvent old content and keeps the SEO gods happy too.
  4. Minutes to hours: It’s advised that you start off with smaller videos — between one minute to three minutes long — before you start making feature-length films. You want to grow people’s awareness; get them intrigued, build their trust and loyalty, then you’ll find yourself in a better position to launch longer videos that people will engage with for more than a couple of minutes.

If you’re still not convinced about using video in your content marketing plan, you should know that Facebook videos get around 8 billion views per day. EIGHT BILLION.

In the past decade, technology has moved at such a pace that literally anyone with a smartphone can make a video. So, what are you waiting for? Time to hit record.

Looking for photography and video for your brand marketing? Reach out to me for a free chat.

Photographer and writer. Based in Scotland. Using Medium for opinion pieces, marketing advice, and motivational articles. https://www.laurenmacneish.com/

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