What is a brand book and why does your business need one? (Free example)

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Your brand book should capture the essence of your brand.

It will include things like your brand purpose, vision, mission, values, identity, positioning, personality, and target audience.

It enables you to differentiate your brand and achieve consistency in your internal and external communications.

It’s important to remember that a brand book is pointless if your employees don’t know about it, or if they don’t respect it.

It should become the norm that new employees are informed about the brand book and asked to read it. It shouldn’t be confused with brand guidelines. That is a subject that shouldn’t be tackled in-house unless you have designers who are experienced in producing such publications.

If you don’t have in-house designers or they don’t have the necessary experience of rebranding or producing brand guidelines, you should engage the services of a branding agency.

The power of a brand book

A brand book is so much more powerful than just a font and colour guide. You can really add power and depth by aligning it with your business strategy. Looking for some guidance? Check out my article ‘Here’s why a brand/client discovery workshop will benefit your business (with free template)’.

A (good) brand book also explains the fundamental elements of the business’ brand strategy and answers these important strategic brand questions:

  • Who is the brand?
  • What is the brand’s personality?
  • What is the brand’s position?
  • What is the goal of the brand?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the key messages?

Don’t confuse your brand book with brand guidelines

If you’re creating a brand book to keep the brand identity material organised, then you may be missing a huge opportunity for your business.

A comprehensive, well-defined and strategic brand book will bring efficiency and organisation to your company. It brings consistency, to not only just the current (and future) marketing team, but also keeps other departments such as sales, product design, and/or service specialist aligned.

Your brand book influences all aspects of your marketing campaigns, internal and external communications, and even what products/services you create. Which is why you need to get the brand strategy right.

A logo won’t help you figure out how to best position a new product, but a brand strategy will definitely guide your team when developing all of their marketing tactics.

You want to keep the brand alive and thriving. This means having a tailored strategy, consistent messaging and “look” that is carried throughout by all employees. A brand book is the best tool to easily unite your team and support them in ‘living the brand’.

Example of a brand book

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